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Personal Work

I'm not only passionate about my commercial projects. I love capturing footage and editing it into small shorts that carry the weight of the emotion I'm wanting to convey. With the combination of the right equipment (a GH4 and an old 1970s Nikon lens) and some free time to edit, I love capturing the world through my lens and taking people on a brief journey, whether it's the story of my daughter's birth, or when it rained in Los Angeles, or high over the beaches of California in a drone. These personal projects convey clearly who I am and how I see the world as a beautiful place.

Olivia - the beautiful life of a baby girl

I love telling stories through music, color, and shallow depth of field. It is a canvas on which I desire to paint emotions.

A night - a storm in Redondo Beach

I even love telling the tale of raindrops falling on drought-stricken Los Angeles, expressing the beauty of that moment when it first rained.

rain - shot in Los Angeles

Keilah. An adopted niece's birthday party.

Puppy, a slomo encounter with a little pup.

Can't forget the digital christmas card I sent out. Nothing like a few carols sung by copies of yourself.