Joel pushes buttons on a keyboard until amazing things happen, sometimes more button presses are necessary than Joel would like. Such is life. 



> experienced producer and project manager with strong aptitude for creatively solving complex problems while remaining on-time and within budget;

> warm and effective communicator, conveying concise and appropriate information to clients, high-level management, and team leaders;

> incredibly approachable, fluidly interacting with all types of programmers, producers and artists to foster a team environment;

> passionate and pioneering attitude, quick to embrace and understand new technologies and workflows while smoothly integrating with existing pipelines and tools;

> well-rounded, with years of experience as an artist, technical director, and small business owner, combining a mix of creative, analytical, and managerial skillsets.


Studio229, Los Angeles, CA — Co-Founder, Lead Producer


= Produced and directed over 15 interactive and non-interactive projects for clients including Oculus, YouTube Red, Disney, LEGO, Nabisco, and more.

= Successfully produced & self-published 2 original VR titles to Steam & Oculus Home

= Managed and directed up to 10 technical and creative artists located worldwide, working under limited time and budget, with great success and client satisfaction

= Directed and contributed to key creative and technical tasks, from marketing campaigns and daily client editorials to game logic programming and 3D animation

= Ran core business operations such as writing freelance work contracts, overseeing budgets and cash flow, running trademark evaluations, and complying with tax laws.

Luma Pictures, Santa Monica, CA — Compositor, Paint Artist; Staff Position

JANUARY 2011 - AUGUST 2012

\ Technical & creative artist on movies such as Thor, The Avengers, & Xmen: First Class

\ Trained new employees in the company pipeline and helped foster a creative community



East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN — Bachelors of Science

AUG 2008 - DEC 2010

- Specialized in digital media, emphasis on VFX, post-production and game design

- Graduated at age 20 with honors, Magna Cum Laude



{ Expert knowledge of all Adobe Suite products; experience developing with UE4 blueprint language; highly proficient in Word, Excel, Google Apps; functional with Asana, Shotgun and other management software; Blender evangelist; rad ukulele player

} Favorite Games: Inside, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Elite Dangerous, Deponia series, Planetary Annihilation, Castle Crashers, Firewatch, Robo Recall (can you really have only one?!)



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