Producing with passion.

Telling stories with a blend of

technical and creative skillsets.

Let's do great things together.

So this is the guy who talks about himself in third person!

So this is the guy who talks about himself in third person!


I started my first business at 16 - the year I started college - doing wedding videography with my father. It taught me how to work with clients, how to be creative with my equipment, how to solve technical problems, and how to produce great original content. I've been building on those skillsets ever since.

I graduated from college at age 20 and moved to Los Angeles, working for VFX company Luma Pictures. Before I could legally buy a beer, I had worked as an artist on Thor, Xmen: First Class, and Captain America: The First Avenger, and would later go on to do compositing work for films like The Avengers and Wizard of Oz. 

In 2012, I had the opportunity to start a company with my college roommate Cobalt, called Studio229. We would go on to create award-winning content for brands such as Disney, Nabisco, LEGO, and Mattel, with our work shown in movies, on television, on YouTube, and live on the stage! Starting in 2015, we helped pioneer some of the first Virtual Reality content to release to consumers, working with major brands to bring a powerful new medium to the masses. Working in a game engine opened up new possibilities of telling stories, and from then on, creating interactive content and games became my passion. 

I started as an artist, forged my talents as a creative with a deep technical skillset, but now I get the incredible opportunity to produce amazing content with some really incredible people who do some really incredible work. Because I know what it's like to do the hard, tedious work as an artist, I've become a better producer. I love working with creatives AND clients, because we make amazing stuff together. 

I love what I do. I hope it shows. Check out some of my personal video work to see how I view the world.

Also my dream car is a DeLorean. No joke, I'll drive one someday. Awesome.

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